Engineering in Florida

People typically associate Florida with sunshine, amusement parks, and of course the beaches. Though we do have all these things and it is certainly a tourism hotspot. We also have a budding manufacturing industry specifically in the technology fields. We’ve a plethora of startup companies and young entrepreneurs who are challenging current methodology and ideals to create their own idea of the perfect job. Furthermore there are some very talented engineering groups located in Florida to help with your product design needs.

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Design Genius: The man behind Apple’s designs


Very few companies develop products that truly revolutionize how we accomplish our daily functions. One such example is Apple computers. Though we work on PC based machines we must commend apple for their product design and marketing genius. What makes a customer fall in love with a product? It is the design and interaction with the product. No one knows this better than Jonathan Ive.  Johnathan is the 20 year Chief Design Officer at jonathaniveparty_2227253bApple computers and the man directly responsible for design of the iMac, iPod, iPhone, and the iPad. ive studied at Newcastle Polytechnic where he received and BS in industrial design. You could even say it was in his blood as his father was a professor at middle-sex Polytechnic and an accomplished silversmith craftsman.

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Top 5 WordPress Themes for Small Business


business themes

WordPress makes it easy for small businesses to design their own websites. With WordPress themes, it’s possible to create a completely unique, engaging website without having to spend a fortune to hire a web design company.

Purchasing pre-designed themes can help small businesses create their own sites with truly professional results, and there are thousands of options out there that can meet business’ design needs. While this means that there is certain to be an ideal theme for every company waiting to be discovered, it can also make it difficult for business owners to decide which theme to purchase. This list of the top WordPress themes for small businesses is designed to simplify theme selection to save time.

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7 Easy ways to Invent.

idea bulbs

Innovation in design is not the easiest thing to accomplish as it requires a great deal of creativity. What if I told you that this want not exactly the truth. Yes some creativity is required, but most innovation is built off the success of current items or trends. This means most ideas are not truly original but an adaptation of a previous design. For instance, let’s look at Keurig coffee machines. When they came around we already had coffee machines right? But Keurig saw a need for individualized cups of coffee. New idea? no There were plenty of single serve coffee machines that already exist. Think of rest areas, remember those single serve machines? Nevermind the fact that the coffee from those is terrible. You see Keurig blended the concepts of single serve coffee machines and home coffee makers. Both at the time existed.

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Review: Customizr- The Best Free WordPress Theme

We often come across web designs that are simple, elegant and quickly conveys the writers message. For business websites one of our favorite themes to use is Customizr. This theme offers simplicity, and functionality necessary for most business websites, however it may be used for a large variety of sites.

Customizr is well….. for lack of better words very customization. I  often feel with wordpress themes that they are often very limiting to those with little programming experience. This one bridges the gap for those wanting to make a site that is not cookie cutter like but does not have the budget or expertise to code their own theme.

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10 Most Beautiful Cars in the World

I feel sorry for those people, who can’t see beyond the basic purpose of a car, that of transporting you from point A to B while consuming fuel. Since the worldwide spread of automotive industry, cars have been designed not just to roll the streets, but also to look good. Some have gone beyond this point, as their wonderful design passed the test of time and remained appealing over the years and even decades. Below, you will find a list of 10 of the most beautiful vehicles ever built, along with the elements that made them look tremendously well.

  1. 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL

Built for performance enthusiasts of the time, the ’54 Mercedes-Benz 300SL stood out of the crowd thanks to its classic gull-wing doors and aerodynamic body. At the time, it held the record for the top speed in the world.

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5 steps to the design process

Design Process

The Simplified 5-Step Design Process

As inventors, engineers, webmasters, hackers , or anybody else that creates it is imperative that they have a solid understanding of the design process. We are going to break this process into 5 simple to understand steps. You will realize that the design process is very similar to the scientific method with slightly different verbage.

  1. Ask  A Question OR Define a Project Scope
  2. Do Background Research OR Write a detailed specification
  3. Test Your Hypothesis OR Design your product
  4. Analyze Results OR Prototype
  5. Is the hypothesis accurate OR Revise the Design

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