Review: Customizr- The Best Free WordPress Theme

We often come across web designs that are simple, elegant and quickly conveys the writers message. For business websites one of our favorite themes to use is Customizr. This theme offers simplicity, and functionality necessary for most business websites, however it may be used for a large variety of sites.

Customizr is well….. for lack of better words very customization. I  often feel with wordpress themes that they are often very limiting to those with little programming experience. This one bridges the gap for those wanting to make a site that is not cookie cutter like but does not have the budget or expertise to code their own theme.

The main page is very clean and minimalist. In the top left you will find the location for your company logo followed by the navigation menu and social connection menu. Below, it features a large page width banner with nice clean text boxes for relaying details. This banner is per page so you can have a different banner on each page featuring different services or products.  The slide animation is smooth and offers a very professional feel. customizr

What is really cool is below the main banner. There you will find three locations for feature pages. Here I like to enter the pages I really want my customers to travel to. For instance I may have Products, Blog, and FAQ  as these are often the most visited sections of a website.  Below that is a lot of white space so you have the ability to show your most recent posts.

On Blog pages you also have a high level of customization in the footer and side regions.

To edit the theme you go to apperance-> Customize. From this menu you have a plethora of options to tweak to your desire.  Including skin coloring schemes, menu configurations, front page options where you set the feature pages and edit slide features. You can even manage your widgets in the menu.  Though there are many settings it is fairly straight forward to work with once you get the hang of it.


Overall we love this theme for many applications because of the simplicity. It does not get much better than this for small businesses selling a service or a product. As with most wordpress themes it is very easy to install and get running that a novice web designer can produce a beautiful responsive webpage. To date there have been 1.2million download and the theme has a 5 star rating so the general population also feels that it is a good option.

At Loray Design we love to show case the beauty in creativity. The design process can often be a time consuming venture but this theme does an excellent job for allowing people to design their own space.



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