Top 5 WordPress Themes for Small Business


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WordPress makes it easy for small businesses to design their own websites. With WordPress themes, it’s possible to create a completely unique, engaging website without having to spend a fortune to hire a web design company.

Purchasing pre-designed themes can help small businesses create their own sites with truly professional results, and there are thousands of options out there that can meet business’ design needs. While this means that there is certain to be an ideal theme for every company waiting to be discovered, it can also make it difficult for business owners to decide which theme to purchase. This list of the top WordPress themes for small businesses is designed to simplify theme selection to save time.

  1. Zerif Pro


What It Is: Zerif Pro is one of the top small business WordPress themes available today and allows you to create a website using the one-page format that is very popular today. A full size image is displayed in the background, and all of the content is arranged for convenient continuous scrolling, so there is no need to jump between pages.

Why It’s Great for Small Businesses: Zerif Pro is a top choice for small businesses because it can suit companies in any industry or niche. It provides multiple customization options for branding and social media marketing, including logo customization and social links.


  1. Monstroid

What It Is: Monstroid is a highly customizable WordPress theme that allows you to choose from six different layouts to create a responsive, professional website design. Like Zerif Pro, it allows for parallax scrolling but can support a background video image in addition to a traditional full width graphic.

Why It’s Great for Small Businesses: Monstroid uses MotoPress editor to allow small business owners to create unique effects even with no coding experience whatsoever. It’s SEO friendly and easy to integrate with social media, and it is also compatible with WooCommerce for businesses that wish to establish online storefronts.


  1. Simple Theme


What It Is: Simple Theme has been used to create thousands of small business websites, and it remains a top choice for companies looking for a straightforward website design. This theme creates sites that are minimalistic and very modern and is ideal for creating multi-page sites and can support both parallax and banner-style front pages.

Why It’s Great for Small Businesses: Simple Theme makes it easy for small businesses to create sites that will display equally well on a mobile device and on a computer screen, opening the door to capture traffic from prospective customers who prefer to browse the Internet on their mobile devices.


  1. Divi

 What It Is: Divi is a WordPress theme that is incredibly flexible and equally well suited for creating simple one page websites and more complex, large websites. There are many custom layout options included in the theme, and businesses can create front page parallax backgrounds with videos or still images.

 Why It’s Great for Small Businesses: Even though Divi can be used to make very complicated website designs, it is one of the easiest themes for small businesses to use. That’s because the theme offers drag and drop functionality and has a number of pre-made layouts already installed.


  1. Electrify

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What It Is: Electrify is a WordPress theme that is simple, yet powerful. Sites created with the theme have a clean, sleek look, and the theme offers one of the largest number of home page options with 30 different looks from which to choose.

Why It’s Great for Small Businesses: Electrify makes adding an e-commerce store to a website incredibly easy and allows business owners to create sites with many pages that are still very simple to navigate. One great feature is that unlike many other WordPress themes, Electrify comes with numerous plug-ins pre-installed, sparing small businesses the expense of upgrades.

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