Engineering in Florida

People typically associate Florida with sunshine, amusement parks, and of course the beaches. Though we do have all these things and it is certainly a tourism hotspot. We also have a budding manufacturing industry specifically in the technology fields. We’ve a plethora of startup companies and young entrepreneurs who are challenging current methodology and ideals to create their own idea of the perfect job. Furthermore there are some very talented engineering groups located in Florida to help with your product design needs.

The sunshine State is now the third most populous state in the USA, and for random fun fact it is also the flattest state. The 2015 population estimate is around 20 million individuals with population density of 354 persons per square mile.Though not as industrial as many of the Midwest states it does support a great deal of engineering. Some of the biggest industries include amusement rides, medical manufacturing, agriculture, and LED among others.

To wise entrepreneurship and engineering so popular in Florida? Partially because of its lack of personal income tax estate tax or inheritance tax. This is a good benefit but what does this draw the attention of? Angel investors right now South Florida’s Ashley has a large number of angel investors pumping resources into entrepreneurial ideas. 40 universities also play a big part as they have a strong focus in entrepreneurship and intellectual property almost every major university has a budding technology transfer office which spurs many students to go into entrepreneurship and business.

Finally there is a large list of established engineering firms who are excited about new product development and intricate designs. These engineering companies work for major amusement industries inventors and just about anything in between. When searching for your Florida-based product design company it’s important to make sure that they have all the capabilities that your project requires in-house. We often come across inventors who piecemeal out parts of the project to different companies which often has poor results.

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